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VAT Testing

Are you suffering from dizziness? Have you had trouble keeping your balance? Have you fallen? Many people who suffer from these problems may be experiencing vestibular dysfunction.

Over 69 million men and women in the US suffer from vestibular dysfunction (inner ear disorders); 33% of all seniors will fall this year. These inner ear disorders can be resolved when properly diagnosed.

VAT – Vestibular Autorotation Test

PQRS & Meaningful use compliant for fall prevention Fall Prevention, Dizziness, Balance, Gait, Vision or Hearing

  • 33% of Seniors Fall EVERY YEAR
  • 85% of all MEDICARE Patients have a VESTIBULAR PROBLEM
  • 70% of all diabetics have VESTIBULAR PROBLEM
  • 35% by age 40 and over have a VESTIBULAR PROBLEM
  • Simple 10 minute In-Office Testing
  • NO Patient Discomfort
  • NO Insurance Pre-Authorization
  • Complete Diagnostic Evaluation of VESTIBULAR PROBLEM
  • Report with Interpretation allows for Serial Evaluations

Medicare has discovered with the help of the American Geriatric Society that 85% of senior falls occur because of some kind of vestibular problem. Therefor, Medicare is strongly encouraging that all doctors screen for falls in order to discover and treat vestibular problems in an effort to reduce senior falling.


At HealthNow Primary & Urgent Care Clinics, we care about our patients; your health and wellness for life are our highest priority. Some lab tests that are performed at HealthNow as a part of your diagnostic workup measure your general health, such as a CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel), CBC (Complete Blood Count), or Lipid Profile (Cholesterol); others may be more specialized, such as a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), or comprehensive STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) testing.


At HealthNow, onsite x-rays are especially useful in the detection of pathology of the skeletal system (bones), but are also useful for detecting some disease processes in soft tissue. The common chest x-ray can be used to identify lung diseases such as pneumonia, lung cancer, and pulmonary edema, while the abdominal x-ray can detect intestinal obstruction, free air (from visceral perforations), and free fluid. X-rays may also be used to detect pathology such as gallstones or kidney stones, which are often visible.

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