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Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoids is very common but rarely discussed. In fact, 75% of people in the U.S. will have symptoms of hemorrhoids at some point in their life but most will not seek treatment until the pain is unbearable. If you have any spotting on toilet tissue, itching, or if you think you might have hemorrhoids, talk to your doctor to see if the Ultroid® Hemorrhoid Management System can help you. Some hemorrhoid symptoms could be an indication of more serious medical conditions, such as colon cancer, so please talk to your doctor.

What Are Hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are bundles of swollen or enlarged veins in the rectum and/or anus. Hemorrhoids can be internal (inside the anal canal and rectum) or external (on the outer part of the anus), or mixed (internal and external). Only your doctor can tell what type of hemorrhoids you have and if your hemorrhoids can be treated with the Ultroid® Hemorrhoid Management System.

Common Causes of Hemorrhoid
Some health conditions or occupations can increase hemorrhoid symptoms.

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth
  • Constipation & Diarrhea
  • Prolonged Toilet Sitting
  • Straining Poor Diet

Be Aware: Hemorrhoid Symptoms
If you are experience one or more symptom of hemorrhoids, contact your doctor.

  • Blood on toilet paper, in toilet or in stool after a bowel movement
  • Internal hemorrhoids may bulge out, or you may feel them bulging out
  • Anal itching

Talk To Your Doctor
Many people are embarrassed to discuss hemorrhoids, but hemorrhoids is a common health concern.

  • Don’t suffer in silence, share your symptoms with your doctor
  • Discuss treatment options
  • Use our handy checklist to help you talk about this common ailment

  • Cryotherapy Treatments

    The CryoProbe™ is an innovative, efficient and portable cryosurgical device which treats benign skin lesions with pinpoint accuracy using disposable Nitrous Oxide cartridges. The nitrogen is applied to the tissue by the spray from the applicator tips, varying in the range of 1mm to 15mm.

    As the CryoProbe™ easily adapts to every lesion regardless shape or size, only abnormal tissue will be treated avoiding collateral damage to adjacent tissue. The patient will experience minimal or minor discomfort and as a result will allow for longer treatment and deeper freeze for more effective results.

    The CryoProbe™ instruments are intended for controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by application of extreme cold using liquefied Nitrous Oxide. Pathological indications are among others but not limited to angiofibroma, granuloma, condyloma, dermafibroma, molluscumcontagiosum, porokeratosis, seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, solar lentigo, warts on the feet and warts on the hand.


    Cryoprobe Treatments

    CryoProbe’s Effectiveness – It’s the combination of: ACCURACY, ULTRA COLD FREEZING POWER and PRESSURE that makes the CryoProbe a different and more effective treatment from all other systems!


    • Pinpoint to just one millimeter – no other device can do this!
    • Treats the smallest lesions – even around the eye accurately to the millimeter
    • Only the lesion is treated – not adjacent healthy tissue and therefore there is little to NO pain experienced by the patient!


    • The CryoProbe delivers Nitrous Oxide at -127°F – the next coldest nitrogen to liquid nitrogen!


    • The coolant is delivered at 725psi, giving the CryoProbe the ability to freeze up to 5mm in depth into the skin; no other device does this!
    • Freezing power penetrated faster to the bottom of the lesion, and is not hindered by the build-up of the first ice layers
    • Total control of the  instrument and treatment – with high pressure application and accurate treatment spot size


    • Depends upon size of lesion
    • 2 freezes in one visit generally will lead to 90% efficacy
    • There is an overall 85% efficacy in treating plantar warts


    • Cost per treatment is much lower than other cryosurgical devices and leads to future cost savings
    • CryoProbe is compact and portable therefore making it easy to move from office to office, hospitals and nursing homes.
    • Patient referrals increase due to CryoProbe’s effective, little discomfort to no-pain treatment
    • With this unmatched effectiveness you can treat benign lesions that previously would have been referred to a specialist.
    • Maintenance free!!!
    • Does not require anesthesia or follow up care unless determined by doctor
    • Procedure time is FAST
    • No canisters to fill – just a small cost effective cartridge with a long shelf life

    No buds, apertures, different sized cones or cumbersome hand held modules to deal with!

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